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[pct-l] TFO gatekeeper water filter-gear report

at 1/2 oz I had great hopes for this little sucker.

The company told me that it would fit on my platypus and it does.  the 
trouble is that if you squeeze the platypus you get a leak between the base 
of the nozzle and the platypus --- of course I'm wondering if it is leaking 
purifiied or contamimated water. If anyone one want to find out let me know 
the results.  I just had visions of being a human geyser.  When I tried to 
hang the platypus up as a grativy fed system the flow rate was VER VERY VERY 
slow. The filter just doesn't have enough surface area. I had 2 filters and 
tried them both on two different platypus' and concluded that I would not 
risk it. I sent them back to the company for a refund.

So at the top of my list of gear the sucks industry wide is waterfilters. 
Looks like I might try the Ray way and see how that works.  Would anyone 
care to comment on any personal experience with his system.  I drink a lot 
and am concerned that his system will have a high hassle factor and be time 
consuming...but I think I'm going to try it anyway.

When I was a kid in scouts (in AZ) we easily hiked with 30 pounds.  We never 
had water filters, pads, heavy sleeping bags or stoves and our clothes were 
smaller and lighter...it seems so hard to get back to the wisdom of a child. 
  Oh yeah...and we had rain making tube tents...didn't they suck!

off belay,

Jack Young

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