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[pct-l] MAD Monte Was Right....

Never thought I would say that,  Monte was absolutely correct on his
assessment of the snow on the final section of the the PCT  Rainy Pass to
Manning Park.
On July 7th my daughter and I were planning to hike this section, after
checking with the Ranger station in the North Cascades and also a closer
station to Rainey Pass we were told that there was snow and ice on the
entire section and that route finding was very difficult and of course a ice
axe and crampons were needed.  the Rangers words were "NO WAY"  (things may
have changed by this time)  We were not equipped for this.

 So, as we were going to Vancouver Island in B.C. to visit relatives we
opted to try to get on the "West Coast Trail" as a walk on.  Again my mind
was not working correctly. I had hiked this trail about 6 or 7 years ago and
completely forgot the root systems up and down in deep mud and the long
ladders etc etc. and the rain.  We were very fortunate we had NO rain for
the 6 days
it too us and out early morning of the 7th   We hiked South to North
and got the tough part over in the first 3 days, then enjoyed the beach
walks, watching the tide schedule so we could walk on the ocean plate.

Am home long enough to wash every thing and try to make another Cat stove
then off to do Eagle
Creek trail at the end of Oregon and finish up the section from White Pass
to Snoqualmie which is all under 6100feet, so sure hope that snow is gone.
Will do this early August.

Marge  (the old gal)

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