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RE: [pct-l] Bears at Whitney

re: I vote dart and remove pushy park bruins.

Offending bears are shot and sent to the dump. There is no room at the zoo
and no place to reintroduce them.

1-A major problem is identifying problem bears. Today, if a bear gets
particulary torublesome, the ranger goes out to shoot him. Unfortunately,
the wrong bear is often shot. The owner of MT Recrteation has proposed pain
ball guns. "It was the one with the pink ass that stole my food" Now there's
a job you'd like Monte.

2-Bear canisters are NOT WORKING without bear boxs. Every party I met
crossing Kearsarge Pass had a full bear canister.....and a big sack of
overflow food. The good news is that the bear boxs are no longer overflowing
because of the canisters. The bad news is that everyone is either camping
near boxs or illegially hanging food.

3-The Park regulations that I saw posted REQUIRED a "park-approved" bear
resistant canister that stored all your food and made it specifically
illegial to counterbalance food or post a 24 hour guard between Forrester
Pass and Woods Creek IF <--note IF you enter and exit by the side trails in
that area [Kearsarge Pass, Road's End etc.] If you were traveling outside
the area, bear canisters were not required BUT you were required to use bear
boxs if you didn't have a canister. It was still specifically illegial to
counterbalance food or post a 24 hour guard.

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