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[pct-l] Bears at Whitney

 As a part time prankster, bears can be cheap entertainment. Hang food as 
advised at any trail, then make up a special bear treat and place 100 yards 
from tent and 100 yards from hung food. This can be something like a donut 
injected with the hottest chinese mustard you can find. How about bread 
balled up around a half a cans worth of pepper!! Park bears have lost all 
fear of man which is  UNNATURAL. These bears would be better off as sausage 
filling. ( I know I know, if hikers didn't leave out food, they wouldn't be 
like this )  BUT if the rangers would drop a few of these bad boys, they 
would be restored to their natural fear of man. Bears are very smart critters 
and soon would run at the sight of nylon. After 50 plus years of having their 
way in the parks, bears have become a major pain. It would take only one 
generation to restore this lack of respect on their part if the trouble 
makers were removed to zoos or destroyed. Female bears teach their young ones 
the value of a hikers pack and food sacks. I vote dart and remove  pushy park 
bruins. I know all list members totally agree. thank you  ( and the easter 
bunny likes rabbit soup )  Monte
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