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[pct-l] Metal parts

 Greg has totally lost it and is in need of therapy!!  A one dollar surcharge 
will be tacked to each PCT membership to pay for this cost for the year 2001. 
He does have some merit though. As a Long Beach State Basketball fan, I can 
attest to his claim of height verses tent ( as in Sierra Designs ) His tent 
is big enough and is still in good shape after almost 25 years. Both him the 
his tent are still barely live in the Old Basketball players home. Visiting 
hours are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 5pm. He is in room 145 
and answers to the name Strider. ( Location is Diamond Bar Old Folks Home or 
call 555-3470 ) Gifts of trailmix or Gaz Cartridges along with old Kelty 
parts are always appreciated.
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