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[pct-l] Car shuttle, Yosemite - Pinecrest?

I'm planning a trip from Crabtree Camp trailhead near
Pinecrest (Emigrant Wilderness, NE of Yosemite), to head
over into Yosemite to climb over Cloud's Rest and Half Dome,
and then down into Yosemite Valley.

Does anyone have any clever ideas for how to arrange a car
shuttle and/or partly public transportation for this sort of
trip, given that only one of us drives?  My thought after looking
a teeny bit at the YARTS site <http://www.yarts.com/> (that
stands for Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System) was to
leave a car in Coulterville or Buck Meadows, get a ride (somehow)
the 80+ miles to Pinecrest and/or the trailhead, do the hike,
and then take the YARTS the 50+ miles back to the car.  Anyone
done this?   Have any suggestions?  Want to go?  (We're looking
to average about 14 miles a day.)

Naturally, having planned this trip for a few months already,
part of it turns out to be mentioned in the issue of Backpacking
Mag that I just got in the mail this past weekend.  :-(

 -- Doug
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