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[pct-l] Coleman Peak I Cobra

 I saw one of these tents at the kick-off this year. For the money, this tent 
looked great and would house two people at low cost and weight. If it dies 
out, just buy another one. Maybe one of the best alltime cheap tents ever 
made. Stoves--- I have three factory alcohol burners including a Triangia ( 
made in Sweden ) While they work well and are easy to use and quite 
funtional, they are not on the same page as the cat food cookers or the pepsi 
can alcohol stove. Home test show the homemade stoves heating twice as fast. 
( I too was a disbeliever at one time ) I use denatured alcohol from any 
hardware store or marine alcohol from a boating store. Esbit Tabs are light, 
but sticky, messy, hard to light, expense compared to alcohol. I would maybe 
carry a half-dozen as a back-up, in case I ran out of alcohol though. Tom's 
canister stove is another good option if you can keep the canisters coming or 
for the section hiker. The main thing to keep in mind on the PCT is, What is 
your Ice Axe handle made of??? If not wood, quit the trail, move to the east 
coast and hike the AT, because YOU ARE NOT WANTED ANYMORE!!!!!! Wood Rules. 
Even Ray Jardine uses a wood ice axe in private.
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