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[pct-l] Bald Eagle, Nococma & other mussings

     Does anyone have information regarding Bald Eagle & Nocomas PCT 
     thru-hike? Their journal entries at:
     stop on June 8th after what seemed like an endless string of minor 
     problems. June 8th's journal was positively uplifting and 
     I'm looking towards '05 for my PCT thru-hike (kids & stuff preventing, 
     and also to continue to obtain the trail experience necessary for such 
     a journey.) 
     Reading the journals are a wealth of information and I'm eager to 
     continue reading Bald Eagle & Nocomas. Each thru-hikers observations & 
     experiences are unique. Our bodies and experience levels are different 
     and how we overcome our personal & Mother Nature's obstacles are quite 
     a challenge to watch unfold.
     Any recommendations for books which include PCT thru-hikers journals 
     in their entirety? (I'm trying to obtain a copy of the out of print 
     book by Ray Jardine on his PCT thru-hike, any help here would also be 
     Thanks to all who provide information regarding Bald Eagle, Nocoma and 
     the book titles.
     PCT '05

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