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Re: [pct-l] newbie question

<< I wanted to know if there was any type of public transportation that could 
bring us out to Donner Sunnit or Echo Summit [from San Francisco]. >>

Chris --  Yes, you can take Greyhound from SF (or Sacramento) to Truckee, on 
the way to Reno.  I did this last year when I started my PCT walk north from 
Donner Pass.  Truckee is a few miles east of the summit and trailhead, but 
you can hitch a ride back if necessary.  What I did was sit up front where I 
could chat with the driver out of Sacramento (when he wasn't busy with 
traffic.)  He was kind enough to drop me off at the rest stop right at the 
summit.  According to my kind chauffeur, Greyhound policy does not permit 
them to make a stop along the highway for obvious safety reasons, but they 
can pull into a rest stop where they have easy access back onto I-80, and 
drop you off.  -- Roy
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