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[pct-l] Ice axes of Glory

 First thing to look for in an ice axe is to make sure the shaft is made of 
wood and at least 25 years of age. ( the older the better!! ) Just returned 
from a great climb of Mt. Shasta in Northern Calif. I used one of my wooden 
axes while a friend used another. ( Saw 50 climbers going for the summit 
today) We left Lake Helen ( 10,400') which we had climbed to yesterday, at 
3:15 this morning and summited at 7:20a.m. Most climbers started around 5 to 
6 am. Had three offers to trade new axes for the old wooden ones. ( even a 
cash offer of 150.00!!! ) PS MountainDave, Sorry I missed you on the trail in 
the Olympics. Trail from nine stream to the first divide is a MESS. It will 
will take much work to cut out all the blowdowns. ( also the big slide at 
goat creek is still going to need plenty of work ) I feel guilty because I 
have never done any volunteer work on trails, I just complain. We feel really 
good about our climbing times for being such a bunch greezers on the 
Mountain. We climbed past many " Young Bucks " yesterday on our way to Lake 
Helen camp. Most these generation X climbers were sleeping like babies when 
we departed this morning. Remember, Wood Rules!!!! ( As far as Ice Axes go )
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