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[pct-l] update, Flight of the Spiriteagle

The last few weeks have been really good, but tiring.  The
Sierras were
beautiful, but a lot more snowy than we expected, from the
first pass to
Donahue, with a rather "interesting" descent down to Sonora
Pass for an
encore.  Fortunately, it all is melting, and even the stream
crossings that
gave us fits (Bear, Evolution and a couple of the northern
Yosemite canyons)
are just a memory now.  Our planned visit to Bridgeport was
because it was time for the annual Biker Festival, but we
had a peaceful
stay at the campground at K. Meadows instead, which turned
out to be a good
stop.  Our timing seems a bit off - going into Desolation
Wilderness on
Fourth of July weekend doesn't bode for a quiet week, but it
should be
interesting.  We'll take tomorrow off to rest and eat (Jim's
back in
skeleton mode again), then we're off to sample some of the
lakes, now that
they're finally warming up.  WC, Where are you? We seem to
be in a hiker
hole - aside from a good visit with Sly and Cheryl at
Kennedy Meadows (the
other one) and a couple of speedsters racing past at 30
miles a day, we've
been hiking alone since Tuolemne.  We're doing well though,
hiking about 20
miles a day, with only a few sore spots to show for it.
Jim's broken toe
finally seems to be healing, though it does growl when we do
too many miles.
Walk softly,
Ginny and Jim
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