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[pct-l] Pooh Corner PCT Traffic

Here is the PCT traffic for Pooh Corner (Old-40/I-80) so far this 
year.  These are only the folks who stopped with us not all PCT hikers.

June 4
Jeff Witt dropped Axel here
Axel Haussler (from Germany) headed north after failing to connect with 
other hikers.

June 23
Walk On headed North slack packed by his sweetie Nancy

June 25
Lucky (from Germany) headed North

June 28
Mike from Maine left I-80 headed north.
Skid aka Hungry Hiker arrived.  After a day in San Fran is leaving the PCT 
to join his sweetie on the AT Saturday night.

June 29
Berkeley Bill left the trail to return to Berkeley
Silver resupplied and continued North

Thank you,
Bill Person

http://www.bill.person.org  FAX:  508-590-0535
In the fall:                     3839 22nd St. San Francisco CA 94114   
Other seasons:   mail:   11200 Donner Pass Rd. #196, Truckee CA  96161   
         physical address: 14386 S. Shore Dr., Truckee CA  96161 

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