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[pct-l] PCT-Lassen

I took a quick spin through LVNP last weekend. It appears that last winter 
they had some very high winds and as a result there are a great number of 
trees laying over the trail.  Many lying the length of the trail.  The good 
news is that the good folks up there are working very hard to clear the 
trail and are making good progress. We talked to a trail crew and they were 
very concerned and we benefitted from much of there progress.

I concurn with the earlier post about the poor placement of the trail 
through LVNP though.  It is very boring and it wasn't until we got off the 
PCT that we really gained appreciation for the vast diversity of the area.  
The beaches at Snag lake are wonderful!  and no blood sucking criters there 

off belay!

Jack Young
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Walt Whitman

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