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[pct-l] Washington Snow

 Just did a little training hike overnight up to the "First Divide " from the 
Staircase trailhead in the Olympics the last two days. Hike is 13 miles in 
with a good climb the last three miles.  Lots of snow the last mile on the 
trail up to the Divide starting around 4000'. ( I felt like a choker setter 
like last 3 miles because of climbing through hundreds of blowdowns ) Trail 
crews are late getting started as the trail is in worst shape than many of 
the " Way Trails" in the area PS. Used my little alcohol stove which is a 
dream to pack and use!!!! It may be hard for hikers to think of snow and 
elevation of 5000' at this time of year, but in Washington, treeline is only 
at the 5 to 6000' range. ( I took and used my trusty ice axe on this latest 
trip ) Beware of White Death!!!!!!
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