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Re: [pct-l] Like the AT...Only more so

Hey Citrus,

Welcome to the pct-l.  I joined a few months ago when I realized that hiking 
the AT last year was just was not enough.  No date yet for the PCT though 
('01?, '02?, later?).

I'm spending most weekends in the Whites (NH) helping this year's thruhikers 
and just hiking around.  Wish I was out there full time again.  I was in 
Gorham last weekend at Hikers Paradise - reminiscing with Bruce about all 
the slackpacking he helped with.  He's still there and this year's 
thruhikers are starting to come thru.  Met four last weekend in Gorham (2 
NOBOs, 2 SOBOs).  Seven this weekend in Crawford Notch area (6 NOBOs, 1 
SOBO).  I did not want to come home yesterday.

Wish I was out west where I could sample the PCT though.

All in good time...

Stitches, GAME99

>From: CitrusHicker@aol.com
>Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 01:41:58 EDT
>Long time lurker, first time poster.
>I'm interested in the number of PCT Hikers who are in or have had the same
>situation as me.  That is I hiked the AT last year thought it was wonderful
>and now find myself saying "Thank you sir, may I have another?"...
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