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<< Was I the only one who thought Jean-Paul was joking when he talked about
 the  Pacific Crest Bike Trail (PCBT) back in April? I "sat on it" for
 many weeks and finally used a search engine and tried to find the PCBT.
 Sure enough, there it was. It is a legitimate trail for bikes. In case
 anyone else is interested, you can find it easy and enjoy the reading. >>

There is a book published, I think by the obvious name of "The Pacific Crest 
Bicycle Trail".  It's a pretty good guide that gives all the route 
information including profiles, camping and lodging, but if any of you 
mountain bikers are salivating, it's a road route on backwoods highways, and 
doesn't really do what the PCT does.  A great trip, nonetheless, for you 
"roadies".   Chris (Compass) Jennings
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