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[pct-l] PCTResearch cancellation

I regret to have to announce the indefinite cancellation of PCTResearch's
proposed 2001 backpacking nutrition study. The necessary resources ($20,000)
needed to 
conduct even a limited study where not obtained as all my grants and sources
of financial support fell through. I was conducting this research as part of
my Masters degree requirements and seeing my University provides an
alternative to doing research that would get my degree by this winter, vs.
the 2 years needed to do this research, I have chosen to follow the
expedited route. And honestly, I am in need of establishing my career ASAP
as I 
have a family on its way, complete with new bride, house, car payments
etc... (Plan B in the works, or is it plan A?).
   I would like to sincerely thank all of my supporters for taking interest
in my research. 
If anyone is interested in doing similar backpacking research, I would be
more than happy to assist you in your proposal (I have one all complete and
ready to go) and give you all the advice I can. I would really love to
see this research be conducted and am willing to help others follow through
on it.

Thank you for your support,

Rusty "MyTie" Johnston
pctresearch@pcthiker.com | Long-distance backpacking research
http://www.pcthiker.com | experience the Pacific Crest Trail

P.S. I will be maintaining this address and a small presence at
www.pcthiker.com , but will adapted the PCTResearch  pages to reflect its
cancellation and my willingness to help others conduct similar research. 

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