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[pct-l] bug repellent

Not long ago people were talking about insect repellents. My husband
found this on the internet under HealthSCOUT: "If you'd like to avoid
mosquito bites but don't feel comfortable with commercial products
browse through your spice rack.
The September 1999 issue of the Journal of Medical Entomology, says
mosquitos can't stand thyme or clove oils, and just a small amount of
the oils can keep the bugs at bay for up to three hours.
If you don't want to smell like a cooked ham, consider geranium. Its not
as effective as clove oils, but it will repel mosquitos without
repelling humans."  

So, there you have it. Maybe perfect for those who don't like DEET and
who get off on smelling like the kitchen.

Do w/above as you so chose. I just wanted to share. I being one of the
humans mosquitos seem to love w/great vigor. I have actually watched
both mosquitos and fleas leave someone else and come to me to bit away.
I like being attractive, just not to critters.

JoAnn Michael
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