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[pct-l] Re: English hiker's dilemna

Jeeter: This is off the top of my head. To figure out the details and 
mileage, you'd need a map of the Okanogan NF/Pasaytan Wilderness. The only 
thing I can think of it this: Take the North Cascades Highway to the resort 
on the west side of Ross Lake. Pay the boat at the resort to take you across 
the lake to Hozomeen Campground (right at the Canadian border and only 
accessible by road from Canada). Call first to make arrangements, but the 
boat does hire out to do this trip. From Hozomeen Campground, take the East 
Bank Trail (southbound) -- it intersects with a trail that leads UP UP UP to 
the PCT. Then, you'd have to go north a few miles on the PCT to get to the 
actual monument marker. The extra hiking from Hozomeen to the border monument 
would probably (I'm just guessing) take two days. I don't remember the 
mileage or the time -- I could be off. This section North of Rainy Pass is 
VERY remote, with hardly any roads. 

Karen Berger   
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