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Re: [pct-l] The Cat Stove Simmers!

Jim Mayer writes:

<< Cool!  And, speaking of "cool," did you come up with a good way to adjust
 the simmer ring on a burning stove.  I never could figure out how to do it
 on my old Trangia burner. -- Jim >>

Just whup out my 4 pound Bowie knife (all real lightweight hikers carry a 
couple of these) and whisper, "Down!"   OK, I knew it was going to get 
compicated if I added a moving part.  

Not a lot of experience with this yet, but I had no trouble coaxing the ring 
into the simmer position with match sticks.  Maybe it would be a good idea to 
add a couple small ears when you cut out the ring, to help the process.  How 
about a 1/4 inch tab on opposite sides, on both top and bottom edges of the 
simmer ring, to give something positive to push against?  Any other 
suggestions? -- Roy    
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