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RE: [pct-l] The Cat Stove Simmers!

Hi Jim,

Yeah, it's reasonably adjustable while burning, especially in the "turn it
down" direction.  Since the simmer ring covers the air intake holes rather
than the burn hole (which didn't work), you can get a couple spent match
sticks in close enough to slide the ring down into the "simmer" position
while it's running.  Of course, you have to remove the pot, windscreen and
stove stand to get at it.  And moving the simmer ring up is harder,
especially once it's all the way down in the simmer position.


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Cool!  And, speaking of "cool," did you come up with a good way to adjust
the simmer ring on a burning stove.  I never could figure out how to do it
on my old Trangia burner.

-- Jim
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