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[pct-l] Long Distance Hiker Image

Long distance hikers typically look and smell like low life people possessing 
seriously deficient moral and ethical characteristics.  Therefore, 
authorities in sensitive areas will generally make an erroneous assumptions 
about a thruhiker's character.  Contrarily, we all know that the character of 
long distance hikers is, in general, of the highest moral and ethical 
characteristics.  The problem is we don't look like it under the conditions.

Most authorities, upon full comprehension and understanding of the endeavor 
that long distance hikers are undertaking, will do an about face and lend you 
the last $20 bill in his wallet!  I have only met a few people who are not 
thoroughly fascinated with the prospect of long distance hiking.  One in 
particular that I know has the habit of one-upping every story of merit that 
he hears.  In most situations he has truly and actually out done the teller.  
However upon hearing of my thruhike he had no comparable endeavor to 
challenge or one-up me with and asked no questions as is the customary 
response.  This is not the norm.  

I suggest when confronted with a bullying authority that you simply explain 
that you have walked from the Mexico border to get to this place and are on 
your way to the Canadian border.  This generally gets to their sense of 
adventure and also indicates that you are "just passing through".  


Greg "Strider" Hummel
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