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[pct-l] Titanium

With all those great alcohol stove designs I've seen come from the people of
this list, it would appear we have a few engineers among us. I have a
question regarding the integrity of titanium. Specifically, I would like to
know if this material can withstand high pressure, like say 30 pounds per
square inch. This is the pressure created in a pressure cooker and I'm
looking to replace my heavy stainless steal backcountry pressure cooker with
a lighter version. I've yet to see a pressure cooker made from titanium, but
if any of you have seen one please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Rusty "MyTie" Johnston
pctresearch@pcthiker.com | Long-distance backpacking research
http://www.pcthiker.com | experience the Pacific Crest Trail

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