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[pct-l] J. B. Weld

      Just making my own Bob Reiss ( version ) alcohol stove out of Pepsi 
cans and found a great seam sealer. On my pepsi cans, I punched the burner 
holes one one can bottom before cutting can. Then cut can bottoms off with a 
box knife 1/4 inch up. Place a small piece of insulation between the 2 bottom 
halves. I do not try to fit one can inside another, but instead , put the 2 
halves together and touching. Then use a popcycle to run a thick bead of J.B. 
Weld to seal the halves together. Of course your cuts will need to be 
straight. ( I think I'm getting this down pretty well now ) J.B. Weld can 
repair even a broken External frame pack.  ( Million uses around the house )
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