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[pct-l] Re: Sleeping Pads

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<< My wife is looking for comments from other female hikers regarding what
kind and sleeping pad system that they use.  We have both found that the
0.5 to 0.75 pads do not offer the padding needed in our hip area now
that we are in our mid 40s. I was thinking about a two part system of
thick up top then thin from the mid leg down. (we winter hike so we need
full length pads).  Any directions or personal solutions would be
appreciated. >>

I've found the solution lies not so much in the pad as in the angle of your 
body as you sleep.  For the last 18 years I've used my sleeping bag stuff 
sack filled with raingear or other clothing not in use while I'm sleeping to 
put under my knees.  It works on my back or on my side to create a 
comfortable angle for back and hips and improve sleep.  I use a full-length 
Ridgerest when backpacking, a Thermarest when carcamping, and sleep just as 
comfortably as at home (but not if the stuff sack slips away during the 
night).  The other trick is to use earplugs to partially eliminate unfamiliar 
noises like rustling sleeping bags until you've developed your "trail ears".

Sleep well.
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