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[pct-l] Alaskan Melting

 Hey All

       I'm in Kernsville, CA recovering from my first week on the Pacific Crest Trail.  After slugging through desert mountains with nothing and no one stiring in the 115 degree heat with a 60 pound pack on my back I must ask myself if I'm insane or heading that way!  At least by the end of next week all this pain and feet blistering, hot hiking will be worth it as I summit Mt. Whitney the highest mountain in the lower 48.  Thats is if I live that long, already I've had to hump a gallon of water in my pack over a mostly desert 90 mile section.  All this is a little much for someone who has spent the better part of 9 years in Alaska.  Lots of great hikers out here though, right now I'm hanging with an Aussie from Sydney , hopefully he knows how to treat heat exhaustion like sticking my head in a snow drift on Mt. Whitney!
Think cool thoughts!
Heading North.

With my trailname AKA Dharmabum64  I 'll be somewhere on the PCT-(2600 miles) this summer.
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