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[pct-l] PCT Tahoe v. Lassen

Hi y'all,

I'm new to this list but I have really enjoyed it and I'd like to start
hiking the PCT in pieces.

I have a trip question that I'd really like some help with.

1) I had planned a trip planned from  6/22-6/26 from Donner Summit to Echo
Lake in Desolation Wilderness.  I was a bit naive in this planning about the
snow though and even though it's hot enough to make you smile here in the
central valley will this trail be free of enough snow to make 10 to 15 mile
days? Has anyone been on this section of the trail in the last couple of
days? I've heard there is still too much snow about 7500.

2) As a Plan B I was thinking about the Lassen piece from drakesbad ranch
and just enjoy a loop back through the park. A much less aggressive hike but
it looks fun.  The elevation is about 6200 and I am hoping this would work.
Has anyone been on this section of the trail in the last couple of days? I
called the Park and they say they haven't had rangers in the backcountry

GEEEEEEZ it's hot here in the central valley and all this could change
quickly....97 in SF today, +110 in red bluff -YIKES. It's a little early for
this nonsense but the bright side is getting into the backcountry early.

please digress.

best to all,

Jack Young
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 "The mountains are calling and I must go."
John Muir

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