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[pct-l] Re: New Catfood Can Alcohol Stove Instructions

I'm resending this note because what I got back on the list wasn't quite what 
I sent.  The information in the original, sent on June 12, was correct.  
However, the hyperlinks were a bit scrambled, so we'll try one more time.  
Here 'tis again: 

Instructions for building the new lightweight version of the Tuna Can Stove, 
i.e., the Cat Stove, are now available on three web sites.  My thanks to Eric 
Olsen, Lee Van Horn and Stephen Martin (Troubadour) for the work each of them 
did to make these instructions available.  Please check out all of their web 
sites.  Here are the URL's:  

<A HREF="www.hike.f2s.com/gear/homemade/rrstove.htm">Eric Olsen's Hiking Gear 
Site</A>:  www.hike.f2s.com/gear/homemade/rrstove.htm.

<A HREF="public.surfree.com/fountain/alabama.htm">M. Lee Van Horn's Web Site</
A>:  public.surfree.com/fountain/alabama.htm.

<A HREF="www.pcthiker.com/pages/gearset.html">Troubadour's PCT Hiker Site</A>:

Each of the articles on these pages includes my email address.  I will be 
pleased to answer any further questions about the construction and use of the 
Cat Stove.  Thanks for your interest!  -- Roy Robinson  

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