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[pct-l] gear

Man, I pity any poor sucker who is a Southbound PCTer this year. June has 
been monsoon so far in the Northwest. Been checking out all the online 
catalogs, since it's been raining all day without letup. Decided to go with 
the Walrus Microswift (2lbs 12oz) as my tent this season. The Kelty Cloud 
looks like a mighty fine pack but I can't justify $550 to save 1lb 2oz over 
what I use now. Maybe if the price drops to $300. (Not interested in the 
Golite- too many negative reports.  However, anyone out there who uses one 
and likes it is welcome to try and change my mind.) Guess I'll keep the old 
REI Eveningstar. Besides, it fits pretty good and still has lots of wear left 
in it. (And free repairs forever and ever). Getting close to a 20lbs base 
weight for N.W. backpacking. If I ever buy the Cloud, I'll be down to 19 and 
10. Well it's time to start packing for a week long trail maintenance trip in 
the Olympics beginning Friday. Later.
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