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[pct-l] New use for old Svea 123's

 Just finished my new alcohol burner this morning. If you have an old Svea 
123 collecting dust, just remove the combo windscreen/potholder from it to 
use as a lightweight alcohol stand. Made a small burner from the smallest 
size tuna cans that come in three packs with zip off lids. Just make a small 
donut ( I used drier vent pipe to cut it of ) 1 inch small diameter than can 
and same height as tuna can. Use a can opener to make lower air vent holes on 
side of can ( for sucking air in to aid burning of flame , per Roy Robin 
design ) then pack fiberglass insulation between can and metal donut. Light 
burner and place Svea windscreen over burner. All flame is guided up toward 
pot. This works well as thru-hikers could opt. to mail Svea guts ahead if 
colder weather is in the picture. ( no modifications are needed ) Burner and 
Svea windscreen weighes around 4 ounces. ( Burner is made in 5 minutes or 
less )
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