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[pct-l] Alcohol on the trail

 As a reborn alcohol nut, I can say this fuel is getting easy to find along 
the trail . Many thru-hikers now carry a version of some alcohol burner and 
as Reiss stated, a homemade stove can be used to burn Esbit Tablets in a 
pinch when only a min. of water is to be heated. You can use rubbing alcohol 
if needed or better yet, Heet gas tank drier. I was a white gas heavyweight 
fan for years and own about any design you can think of. ( I still use these 
flame-throwers in winter or cold conditions, like climbing ) Tom's canister 
stove may be tops for a section hiker who doesn't need to replace canisters 
or where refills can be bought. I still give my nod to one of the alcohol 
burners either bought or homemade for a thru-trip. I own three factory 
alcohol stoves ( one old sigg, an east german model, and a triangia cooker 
with simmer ring ). The home designs of Bob Reiss and Roy Robbins both beat 
any factory stoves I own. The " Cat Food " cooker Roy made me turner many 
heads in my small sections A and B hike. Now Swiss Miss is using the " Grain 
Gadget " which has worked well to the foothills of the Sierras.  " Alcohol is 
a valid option for a lightpacking thru-hiker "
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