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[pct-l] wood stove turn offs

No, I have never been in an area that requires stoves that turn off. Mostly, 
I've just seen signs that say "no open fires, stoves only". The Zip is not an 
open fire. It is a stove. Several backcountry rangers have visited this site 
attesting that the large majority of them resort to common sense when it 
comes to enforcing regulations. I would say that it's common sense that wood 
gathering for a campfire is not the same as gathering twigs and pine cones 
for a wood burning stove. I very,very occassionally (twice) have run into 
anal retentive by the book rangers, and have my own way of dealing with these 
unfortunate souls. (They're the very people I go into the woods to escape). 
"By the book" can be used as defense as well as offense. I bet this post gets 
a few responses! I'm ready to elaborate! Power to the hikers!
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