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[pct-l] Homemade Alcohol Stove

I admit to being a tinkerer, so I really love the idea of making something
out of nothing.  It took several hours over several days, but I am at the
point now where I can make a workable soda can stove in about 10 minutes
using two soda cans and a Swiss Army knife.  There are several very
endearing features about the soda can stoves that haven't been mentioned
yet.  They are:
Boil time.  I have one burner that boils a cup in 3 min, a pint in 5:45.  It
will do this on 5/8th oz of alcohol.  If I start with 7/8th oz, it will burn
for 9 min.  This is my fast cooker stove.
Simmer.  I have another burner that will boil a cup in 6 min, a pint in 12,
but will burn on for 22 min, using 7/8th oz.
Each of these burners weighs 3/10ths oz, so carrying them both is still a
pretty light weight way to go.  I have the windscreen/pot support down to
1.2 oz, and I am working on getting the weight of the pot down a lot lower.
I am trying to get my total weight....pot, windscreen, burners, fuel bottle
and fuel for 7 days down to 16 oz.  Right now, that weight is 18 oz.  These
little burners are absolutely reliable.  Light them and walk away, they will
burn consistently.  They are also really cool. You can handle them within 30
seconds of the time the fire goes out.  If you ever step on one, or lose
one, or give one away, just find two soda cans and you'll have it replaced.

BTW, these little soda can stoves are dual-fuel.  You can put an Esbit
tablet on top of the burner and it will operate just dandy.

I have also experimented with alcohol chafing dish burners.  This is a
sealed aluminum can with a wick and a snap on cap.  Cost $1.49 (California
price) weight 9.4 oz.  If you want to boil fast, just pull out a little more
wick.  At the 'factory setting' this little stove will burn for 6 hours.
Empty weight is 1.5 oz and they can be refilled.  Blow out the flame, let
cool and snap on the plastic wick cover, no spills.  I know a lot of people
from the snow belt (I am from Minnesota) who carry a couple of these things
in their car all winter in case one gets stranded or stuck in a snow bank.
A trick I learned in South Dakota was to carry a few bottles of Heet gasline
antifreeze in your car all winter.  You use it every time you fill up, but
always have 3 or so in the car for emergencies. They cost 69 cents.  You
also carry a 3 lb coffee can and a roll of toilet paper.  Put the TP in the
can, pour on the Heet and light it.  It will burn for 2 hrs.  Crack a window
or you will suffocate.

I have long since abandoned my Peak One Apex 2 white gas rocket engine and
my Camping Gaz butane jet engine.  I am generally cooking for one person, so
I just don't need that much heat.   Hike on!!  Bob Riess

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