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[pct-l] Trangia Stove-Homemade alcohol stoves

You are correct that I have not experienced a Trangia. [I use a Primus
canister stove] All the stoves I observed at ADZPCTKO were homemade. You are
also correct in saying "how fast a stove boils water is one of its less
interesting characteristics. I'm primarily interested in how many real world
meals it will prepare on the lightest amount of fuel and how easy is it to
use" and "The major flaw in the home made stoves is the high fuel
consumption and no control". That is what I observed at ADZPCTKO.

I believe that I am also correct when I say "the weight of stove is
unimportant. What is important is the actual weight of food, fuel and stove
required to provide a real worls meal" If a stove can simmer is has two BIG
1-It uses less fuel. [Example: 16 fluid ounces of alcohol weigh about 11
ounces. Saving half that saves more weight than any stove.]
2-Cooking of more interesting meals. This saves weight because the tendency
is to pack good tasting food that is heavy instead of dehydrated or powdered
food that is light but doesn't taste good. [Example: 1/2 pound of Oreo
Cookies versus cooking a 1 cup chocolate cake [4 oz]. The chocolate fix
constant is about equal but the weight, even allowing for fuel consumption
is not] 

To a great extent a "homemade alcohol stove" along with "going ultralight",
"stoping at VVR" and "blisters in the first 100 miles from walking too far"
amoung others has become THE WAY, but not necessarly the "best way" to hike
the PCT. It is interesting that I didn't see one Tranga at ADZPCTKO.


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