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RE: [pct-l] fuels

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000 22:27:39 -0700  &quot;Reynolds, WT&quot; <reynolds@ilan.com> wrote:
>I did not think that alcohol stoves were easy to use compared to
>propane/butane. All the stoves I saw at ADZPCTKO burned as long as they
>wanted to with whatever heat they put out. There was absolutely no control
>of the flame. Although I hate white gas stoves because the always seem to
>clog for me, day in and day out they are probably easier to use than alcohol
>of tablets. Butane is, of course the easiest by far.

Before you judge alcohol stoves work with a Trangia. The major flaw, and the reason I don't use one, in the home made stoves is the high fuel consumption and no control. With a proper wind screen to keep it hot, you can cut the flame down on a Trangia to almost nothing with the encluded simmer ring and simmer for as long as you like on very little fuel. If you screw the lid down tight on the stove you can put it in your sleeping bag with you to keep it warm for cold morning starts. As it has a leak proof lid, you don't have to burn all the fuel you put in it. Just snuff it out when you're through cooking. It requires no preheating, just light it and go. In actual field use, how fast a stove boils water is one of its less interesting characteristics. I'm primarily interested in how many real world meals it will prepare on the lightest amount of fuel and how easy is it to use. The simmer/shut off feature is the major,and over riding, advantage the Trangia has over Esbit tabs. I've used and owned all types and most models of stoves. I can't help myself, I'm a gearhead and love toys, so I usually buy one of every type just to try it. For general use and weight/meals cooked ratio the Trangia has proven superior to anything else I've used.

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