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RE: [pct-l] fuels

I did not think that alcohol stoves were easy to use compared to
propane/butane. All the stoves I saw at ADZPCTKO burned as long as they
wanted to with whatever heat they put out. There was absolutely no control
of the flame. Although I hate white gas stoves because the always seem to
clog for me, day in and day out they are probably easier to use than alcohol
of tablets. Butane is, of course the easiest by far.

The realtive weights of stoves are:
1-Alcohol 2-4 ounces
2-Butane 3-4 ounces
3-Tablets 0-1 ounce
4-Liquid fuel 12-16 ounces.
I would say that there are essentially only two classes light and heavy.

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