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Re: [pct-l] Fuel Tablets Anyone?


I thru hiked the PCT last year and used esbits fuel cells the entire way.
Well, at first I started with no stove or means of cooking at all. Then I
upgraded to esbits. I didn't carry the stove but rather used rocks to make a
stove and used aluminum foil as a wind screen.

Looking back I feel that the esbits worked well. I must qualify that
statement and add that I didn't cook anything that required more than heated
water. I mostly boiled 2 cups a water for dinner and breakfast. I used just
one esbit per meal but there were times that I had to use two. Especially if
there was a wind. The wind will really reduce the cooking ability of the
fuel cells.

Recently I took one of Scott Henderson's Pepsi Can alcohol stoves (building
instructions can be found at: http://www.pcthiker.com/pages/gearset.html) on
a weekend hike and really liked the way it performed. I really love the fact
that alcohol burns so cleanly. You'll find the esbit will leave a sticky,
black residue on the bottom of your pot.

If I were to hike the PCT again, I'd have a debate between using esbits and
using the Pepsi Can stove. I might even use both and alternate along the

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on 6/5/00 8:51 PM, Odie at odie@enid.com wrote:

> Hey all, I am considering using fuel tablets on my upcoming PCT hike.

> 3. Anyone here use them for the entire thru hike?

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