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Re: [pct-l] Fuel Tablets Anyone?

Hi Odie,

My observations below...  Hope they help.

Stitches, GAME99

>From: "Odie" <odie@enid.com>
>1. How many to boil about a quart of H20?

Never did a quart but it took ~7 minutes to boil 2 cups of cool tap water at 
~20F when I tested them before my AT thruhike.  Esbit tabs burn for ~15 
minutes each with less heat towards the end as the tab shrinks.

>2. Does it take forever to cook with them?

I mostly used food that just required simple boiled water.  One was enough 
to cook Lipton's or some angel hair pasta.  Less for other stuff that 
required hot water but no cooking.  It can take a bit longer than with an 
MSR but then what's the rush?  Is saving just a couple of minutes really 
that important?

>3. Anyone here use them for the entire thru hike?

I used them for an entire AT thruhike.  I needed a lot less than I thought I 
would.  First of all, I stopped having anything hot in the AM within the 
first week.  Also, you can blow them out and reuse the leftover pieces.  
However you use them, use a windscreen (MSR or foil) to help keep the heat 
under the pot.  I used the Esbit stove on my thru but have created a soda 
can bottom stove to test on my next outing.

When I started my thruhike, I figured if I had leftover tabs, I could just 
sell them when I finished.  I've got tons of leftovers and I'm keeping them. 
  My MSR is now collecting dust at home.  :-)

>I am planning on eating quite a bit of cold food along the trail, and I 
>will mainly
>resupply along the trail, but I wouldn't mind a hot meal once in awhile.
>Is this asking too much from fuel tablets??

Sounds like a good option for you.
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