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Re: [pct-l] Fuel Tablets Anyone?

> Odie- I have used Esbit fuel tablets. I have boiled a pint of water in 6
> minutes at 11,000' with one tablet. I have made packaged mac and cheese
> with one tablet. If you make simple meals...Esbit is a great light
> alternative. I can make it work and love the savings in weight. It is
> not for the backcountry gourmet. I use two a day. Coffee in the morning
> and a simple meal at night.
> The cheapest place I have found Esbit is at Cabella's[800# and online].
> The cost is $3.99 for 12 tablets or 33 cents each. The same package was
> $8.99 at a large chain sporting goods store here.
> There are other types of tablets out there, but I haven't used them.
> BTW- The best way to light them is with windproof matches. They can be
> hard to light in any kind of breeze with a regular wooden match. I also
> use an MSR windscreen.
> Tom in Sacramento
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