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Re: [pct-l] New to the list!

Thomas Mason writes:

<< How does camping along the trail work?  Do I just pull a couple hundred
 yards off trail and set up camp?

Just picked up on this and wanted to add my comments to those you've 
undoubtedly received already.  Hope you were not expecting total agreement 
from this list about answers to any question.  

Camping along the trail happens wherever there's a reasonable flat spot free 
of cactus, poison oak, snow and/or cowpies.  I can't recall that ever being 
as far as 100 yards off the trail unless you want it that way.  On more than 
one night, the only spot that qualifies IS the trail.          
<< Would it be crazy to pack a second pair of boots?  The whole "blow out"
 thing scares me I dont wana be a thousand miles out and "poof" I get a flat.

Yes, it would be crazy.  That's what duct tape is for.  Boots or even running 
shoes don't dissolve without warning. 
<< And the last question for the day is....I just got an MSR Dragon Fly and 
 trying to plan out food/fuel and I've never used this thing...does anyone
 know about how many days a fuel tank lasts?

Do try it out before you get on the trail.  Better yet, (Dare I suggest such 
a thing??) carry a tuna can stove.  New lightweight version weighs 1.6 oz 
including the stand and windscreen, has no moving parts, will boil two cups 
of water in 4-5 minutes, and will cook a week of meals on a pint of alcohol 
fuel.  'Course, that depends on what and how you cook, but that was my 
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