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[pct-l] Misc stuff

on 5/30/00 3:00 PM, pct-l-digest at owner-pct-l-digest@majordomo.hack.net

> I am making an assumption here.  The assumption is that they stop mentioning
> blisters in their journals because they stop getting them.  Maybe Troubadour
> will fill in the details.

Yeah, I stopped mentioning blisters in my journal when they went away. Of
course, I had a full blown case of poison oak and shin splints in the
beginning. So, the pain from blisters wasn't even showing up on my radar.

It could be said that if you have bad blisters you should roll around in
some poison oak. Your blisters won't bother you at all after that! Well, at
least for two weeks!

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