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[pct-l] 20 mile sections in WA

Hi, I'm Linda, just moved to Seattle area from east
coast. I'm an avid hiker and backpacker, have done
alot on the AT and Colorado 14er's. I want to do an
overnight hike on the PCT the June 27-28, preferably
on the PCT east of here, in the "high country". What
are snow conditions? I've heard its a light snow year,
is it possible to get through in the vicinity of
Steven's Pass, northern WA then w/o crampons, and a
feeling of sliding off the mt? Anyone who's been out
there recently, can you tell me about snow conditions?

If its not possible to do the above the end of June,
what sections could one do, doing about 20 miles in an
overnight? Also would prefer to do an end to end hike,
and not spend alot of time on side accesss trails (or
have to go in and turn around and comeback the same

Unfortunately primarily do my hiking on 2 or 3 day
weekends, so would appreciate any advice as to what we
can do in that time, doing about 10 mi per day.

Please respond to lindajagger@yahoo.com as I do not
always read the digest notes.

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