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[pct-l] Re: Cabin Fever

Talk about mountain high! Where can I get the Helimpack! Or maybe the
Nitrous pack, then I won't care if my feet hurt.


Vol. 1, Issue 1


* Loin Cloths v.s Shorts
* Topless - The ONLY Way to Hike!  Contest Winners Announced
* Breatharian Breakthrough - Get All Your Nutrients From Just Breathing!

* Shave Ounces by Shaving Your Head - 50 Skinhead Hairlessdos
* Jim Bridger, John Muir and Sacagawea - Closet Jardinians? The Debate
Rages On!
* Pogo Sticks - Legal in the Wilderness? Our Lawyers Make Their Case!
* Heliumpack For Less Than $10!  Detailed Instructions Inside
* Camel Mania - Why Hike When You Can Ride?!! 10 Best Outfitters

(Man, I  Hope the annual Pacific Northwest Memorial Day Monsoon
ends soon)>>

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