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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #1152

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owner-pct-l-digest@majordomo.hack.net writes:

<< Each chapter gives a general route and terrain description, so that you 
 decide whether that section of trail is something that might interest you, 
 and it covers the main landmarks, as well. Then, there is interpretive info 
 about what you'll see: animal and plants, ecosysytems, geographical 
 historic sites, etc. And finally, Each chapter has a how-to section that 
 covers seasonal info, trailheads, resupplies, gear recommendations, and a 
 thru-hikers corner. There are also basic maps which are deisgned to help you 
 visualize where the trail generally goes, resupplie,s road crossings, etc. >>

How about publishing this in a loose leaf format so we don't have to rip it 
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