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RE: [pct-l] Blister question

Scott wrote:
I recently went on a short trip, 2 days/20 mi, with some newish, 
though broken in, boots.  I developed a half dollar sized blister on 
the back of my right heel.  The blister is centered 2 1/4 inches 
above the floor in bare feet.  What preventative structural 
measure(s) can be taken?

It's pretty hard to develop a half-dollar sized blister without knowing that
it's coming, at least for me.  When my feet are about to blister, I almost
always know it - it's just a question of whether I take the time to stop and
do something about it, or keep going and ignore it.

I've never had a hot-spot develop into a full-fledged blister after I took
the time to sit down and apply moleskin or something similar on the problem
area.  Conversely, I've only rarely had hot-spots *not* turn into blisters
when I ignored them.  It's just that it's so darn hard to interrupt my
rhythm and/or schedule to take care of my feet.

Other people have given good advice about changing the fit of your shoes,
and that's the best long-term solution.  But if you're on the trail and you
feel that little twinge on your foot, stop and fix it right then.  Don't
wait or tell yourself it'll go away.

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