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Kelly and I hiked a four-day loop through the Golden Trout Wilderness over
Memorial Day weekend, in over Cottonwood Pass and out over Trail Pass.
Both passes are completely clear. Locals told us that most of the snow
south of Whitney is melted except on the highest north-facing slopes, and
that New Army Pass may still be dicey for those less experienced with
snow. We never climbed higher than 11,200 feet...usually walking between
9,200 and 10,000... and we only encountered occasional small patches. We
met Adam (aka "Last Exit") from New Jersey, PCT thru-hiker, on Trail Pass.
He left Campo April 19. He had just resupplied at Lone Pine and was
heading north in GREAT spirits, looking forward to doing Whitney in the
next day or two. Talking to him was invigorating because he was so excited
about his hike and about the trail. If anybody reading this knows Adam,
don't worry about him. He's having the time of his life!
See ya out there,
Jim & Kelly Ostdick 

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