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[pct-l] ADZPCTKO-The Open Architecture

ADZPCTKO 2001, the chairperson will be Greg Hummel. It will be rather hard
for Greg to outdo the 20000 KO. In fact, neither Greg nor any of the
organizing team want to. ADZPCTKO has met the original goal of the founders.

This year we have effectively organized the two water drops [Chariot Canyon
and Scissors Crossing] we identified as critical in 1998 and we established
a good relationship with the Lake Morena County Park Rangers who want the
group to come back next year.

We had over 50 people on Friday and 100 people on Saturday. Everyone had a

This is it. This is enough for the organizers. We will manage the water
drops and the meeting location, arrange the food and hold the contests but
THAT's IT. We intend to continue our same low-key approach, our same
flexible schedule and our same last-miniute decision making. We have
organized the location and organized the water drops. That's enough
organization for us.

We declare an OPEN ARCHITECTURE. If you want ADZPCTKO to do something else,
something more than we intended....you do it.

This is my last act as ADZPCTKO Chairperson. For more information, pleas
contact Greg who will be glad to tell you the same thing in a slightly more
politically correct way.

Tom Reynolds.
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