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[pct-l] Updates (Admin)

I've made a couple administrative changes to the lists, please note:

- Uns*bscribe and S*bscribe messages are now bounced if they go to the
list.    I turned this "bouncing" off when I updated the FAQ (see link
below), but I'm still seeing people sending unsu*b to everyone when
trying to leave.

- This is IMPORTANT!   If you send an attachment to the list, it will
now bounce!    This seems prudent based on the viruses that have cropped
up lately on the AT-L. In addition, attachments have always been frowned
upon since they ruin life for the digest folks.   This also means that a
few of you will experience bounces when sending an email that you don't
think has an attachment (when in reality your message did).    An
attachment can be created by your mail client if you send HTML, attach a
vCard, etc. so please bear this in mind.    If your message does bounce
due to an attachment, you'll get a message back with a subject like

BOUNCE test@majordomo.hack.net: global taboo header:

Thanks for listening, and I realize this may be painful in the short
term, but ultimately will eliminate viruses from propagating via the
lists and allow folks to enjoy the digests.  If you have any problems at
all, just send me an email - ryan@backcountry.net

Thanks again,


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