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[pct-l] help re: KOP: Should I go?

I've been sort of skimming the posts re: the Kick-off because I live in NY, 
am not thru-hiking this year -- but having seen some of the stuff re: 3
stoves and 1 pound tents am interested in learning more. Could someone
PLEASE be so kind as to e-mail me personally (because I'm on the digest and 
if you send to the list only, I won't get your reply for a while) any of the

following info you happen to know:
1) WHEN is the KOP "officially"
2) WHEN is the "show-off your lightweight gear thing" happening.
3) Has anyone been to this last year? Was there a lot of cool lightweight 
home-made gear to see?
4) Does anyone on this list know some examples of who's bringing what?

This is a little short notice -- But just last night, I started thinking, 
hmmmm-- maybe I should go.

Trouble is I live in New York.

So, any kick-off vets out there: Given that I write about backpacking for a 
living... Given that I edit part of the hiking page for GORP.com -- Is this 
something I should go to? (I know it'll be fun, but I don't have time for
this week -- I need an excuse!)

Karen Berger
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* From the PCT-L |  Need help? http://www.backcountry.net/faq.html  *