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RE: [pct-l] Stoves for the forest

8oz!  How'd they get it down to 8oz?  I have a Zip stove which I never use
because it's so much heavier than my Esbit stove, but at 8oz I'd be
interested.  Can you point me to any links which describe how to cut your
Zip stove's weight in half?

--- David "Longwalker"

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>Zip stoves weigh slightly less than a 55 gallon drum
and offer no advantage other than burning sticks which can be done for 16
oz. less by just leaving the piece of metal at home.<

The Zip weighs about the same as a Whisperlite with fuel bottle empty. The
fan makes a tremendous difference in the ease and speed of burning wood.
Some hikers this year are carrying modified Zip stoves weighing in the 8oz
range, which to my way of thinking makes these stoves among the most
practical, versatile, and worry-free cookers available. Cooking 1 meal a
day, add-boiling-water-style, I would carry an alcohol stove. For trail fare
any more exotic, I'm bringing a modified Zip.

- Blisterfree

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